Vegetable confit

Vegetable Confit


1 Carrot
2 Stalks Celery (leaves removed)
1 Medium Onion
1 tsp Brown Sugar
1.5 tsp Sea Salt
0.5 tsp Dried Marjoram
1 Bay Leaf
1 strip Lemon Zest (taken with a peeler, about the same size as the bay leaf)
Black Pepper
0.5 cup Olive Oil

This is a really versatile condiment that can be used almost anywhere; you can add it to stews or casseroles as a great boost to flavour; serve it on top of grilled fish or meat, or simply toss it through some wholemeal pasta with lots of fresh parmesan and some parsley. In the picture, I've used it a topping for bruschetta along with some goat's cheese. The sweetness of the confit is a great foil for the acidity of the cheese.

Preparation time: 30 minutes - 4 hours


The preparation is basic, just dice the onion, celery and carrot into a 0.5cm dice. Mix together with the remaining ingredients and put into an ovenproof dish. Make sure that the vegetables are totally covered by the oil and bake in a low 110C oven for about 4 hours. There should be a slow stream of bubbles escaping the oil as the water in the vegetables steams off.

When it's finished in the oven, transfer the vegetables and all the oil to a sterlised jar. The vegetables will be easily submerged and the whole lot should keep in the refrigerator for months.

Contributor: Cam