Duck rillette

Duck Rillette


2kg duck, boneless and diced
800g (approx) duck fat
15g salt per kilo of meat
1 tspn pepper
2 bay leaves
1 brown onion, quartered, studded with cloves
2 sprigs thyme


In a large saucepan put a little bit of fat, and sauté the duck for a few minutes. Strain the meat and do not keep the juice that comes out of the duck meat when it is cooked.

In the same saucepan sauté the duck again until a light golden colour, then cover the duck with the fat to just cover the meat, add pepper, bay leaves, onion and thyme.

Cook for about three hours on very low heat.

After three hours, mix the duck with a whisk to separate the meat. Bring back to the boil. Let the meat cool down completely before you store it as this stops the fat from rising to the top of the jar.

Put the shredded meat, the rillettes, in a glass jar or any container you decide - terracotta jar are the best.

Rillettes will keep for about a week.

Contributor: Cam