Pepper sauce

Pepper Sauce


1 glass bottle with cap or cork

1 handful of tabasco or your choice of peppers

White wine vinegar, or vinegar of your choosing

1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns (optional)

4 cloves garlic, smashed (optional)

Borrowed from Kyle Hildebrandt at Our Daily Brine


In a non-reactive pot bring enough vinegar to fill your bottle to a simmer, being careful to not boil.

While vinegar is heating, set aside enough peppers to fill the bottle. You may remove the stems if you prefer, but it's not necessary.

Using a knife, make a small slit in each of the peppers. This slit allows the vinegar to more easily penetrate the peppers and soak up it's goodness.

Stuff all of the peppers into the empty glass bottle. If using the garlic and peppercorns, smash the garlic cloves and add those along with the peppercorns.

Fill the bottle with the heated vinegar


Because of its acidic nature it is not necessary to refrigerate.

Garlic and black peppercorns are natural additions.

Feel free to experiment with adding other dried spices, or just keep it simple.

When the vinegar gets low top it off with more. Pepper sauce will last indefinitely.

Contributor: Cam